Monday, February 28, 2011

Get The Look - Cherry Tart

What was used:
MAC NC20 Studio Fix
Urban Decay Primer Eye Potion
Urban Decay Polyester Bride
MAC Eye Brow Velvetone Pencil
MAC Crystal Frost
Sugarpill Love+ pressed shadow
sugarpill Dollipop pressed shadow
MAC Dazzle Lash Black Mascara
MAC Engrave Eye Pencil
MAC Ebony Eye Pencil
MAC Creamsheen Fashion Scoop
OCC Brushes
Crown Brushes


  1. Love Sugarpill! Welcome to the bloggin' world :)

  2. I would love to know how you go about using the angled OCC brush. I received that one recently and it's a lot bigger/blunter than I thought it would be!

  3. I usually use that brush for liner and my eyebrows since mine are shaved. I get a pretty good line but it's not as thin as I'd like it. It's still an awesome brush, but yeah it's tricky to get a very thin line with it. You can always try to angel it more on the side to get a thinner line, if that makes sense? Best advice I can give, hope that helps some!

  4. Thank you! But I realize now that I should have been more clear--I actually meant the angled blending brush.

    I really wish I would have ordered their tapered blending brush, while I was at it. But there is always next time! :)

  5. I don't use that brush too offend, so not sure. Wish I could be more help!