Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Fall fashion shots

Two shots from last year's shoot with Megan DeBlois and Miss Anna.  Location was in Londonderry, New Hampshire and was part of Megan's senior show for art school.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

First finished eyeshadow palette

I finally finished one pressed eyeshadow palette and I have to say it doesn't look bad.  I'm hoping to sell these very soon, until then I will be working on perfecting them some more and the stickers/packaging.  The colors in this palette are from left to right on the top: Dissect and Amputate.  On the bottom of the palette from left to right are: Frozen Frost and Tombstone.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work in progress

I've been working on many Mazzie products lately.  I'm trying to get all the blush done as soon as possible and trying to get the pressed shadows just right so I can put them up for sale.  The blush colors are done, now it's just grinding and getting the right packaging before they are up on the etsy store.  Lipsticks are also in the works as well, a lot of work is a head but it'll be worth it.  Here are some shots of the work so far.

New boxes for the loose shadows and lipsticks, still working on the stickers.
Completed blush colors so far.
Practicing some more pressed shadow pans, it's getting there.
Swatches of the pressed shadow colors, these don't have any primer underneath them.

*More coming soon, until then you can shop for the loose shadows @ 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Amy Bathory

Recently did a shoot at SOPHA Studio in Manchester, NH with Amy Bathory and Ed Rocha.  Here are a couple images from the shoot:

Model: Amy Bathory
Hair and Makeup: Rachel Mazzie/Mazzie Cosmetics
Photographer: Ed Rocha
Location: SOPHA Studio in Manchester, NH


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bella Morte - Spring Edition

My work has been recently published in Bella Morte Magazine's Spring Edition Issue for May 2013.  You can go to their website and purchase a pdf or order a print issue through MagCloud.  On page 42 you can find my mua work for the featured photographer spread.  The photographer is Kristy Bergeron and the models are: Jessica Camella, Drea Elizabeth, and Tosan Alli.  Hair was done by Alicia Deluca and the desiger is Revivals Vintage. 

The Issue:

Photos from the feature:


Thursday, May 9, 2013

OCC Lip Tar/Nail Polish Exclusive Sets

Now available @ your local Sephora or!  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics presents: Willam, Detox, and Vicky Vox.  Six new exclusive limited edition sets are now for sale to make you look like a beauty queen, each set comes with one lip tar and one Nail Lacquer.  Each set goes for $22.50, get yours now before they disappear!


Shades are:
-ANIME (Featuring Willam) – Bright Neon Pink Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
-BLACK DAHLIA (Featuring Detox) – Super Blackened Red Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
-GRANDMA (Featuring Vicky Vox) Clean, Classic Coral Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
-KAVA KAVA (Featuring Vicky Vox) – Neutral Peach Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
-NSFW (Featuring Willam) – True Balanced Red Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
-STRUMPET (Featuring Detox) Deep Purpled Burgundy Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Latest mua work

This photo was taken from a shoot I did makeup for a few months back. The photo was shot through a crystal.

Model: Anna Elizabeth Flowers
MUA/Hair/Stylist: Rachel Mazzie/Mazzie Cosmetics
Photographer: Sarah Ann Loreth
Location: Hudson, NH
Clothing: Lip Service