Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kryolan - Rio Palette

For those of you who don't know who Kryolan is, they are a theatrical makeup company from Germany, they are sold through distributors here in the U.S. I've been using this brand for a few years now and I really enjoy their products. For them being a theatrical brand of makeup, you know it's going to be along the lines of Ben Nye. I recently bought this rio palette from IMATS in Toronto from their booth, it was only $26.00. For 5 shadows it was totally worth the money. The colors are very bright and I just love bright colors, always a sucker for buying them. I also purchased their eye shadow base along with it, which was $6.00 for a .33 oz tube. The base is very creamy and goes on smooth. The color is a light beige and kind of looks like a foundation. I did find if you rub it into the skin too much though it does start to flake off a bit, this could be due to dry skin also since it is Winter. The shadows themselves, I must say I am impressed! They're bold, bright and are very soft and smooth, definitely can tell they are easy to blend which is also a big plus. All the shadows are very pigmented so you know for photography they'll be a hit. Over all I say definitely worth picking up and so is the eye shadow base for the money, in comparison to Urban Decay's which $18.00 to $29.00 a tube.



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