Thursday, March 22, 2012

Devoting more time to this blog

I've been super lazy with this blog, but with Ulta out of my life and school almost over I'll have more time to put in to this. I'll even have more time for Mazzie Cosmetics as well. There's still a bunch of colors for sale on etsy and I plan to take better photos of the eyeshadows themselves for my store. I do have some photos now of random models wearing Mazzie Cosmetics, but can't use them until May because of Bella Morte, so for now I'll just show you a couple of colors and what they look like on. I know I've posted them before, but will be posting more as the week goes on.

Cherry Tart-

Combination of Vanish, Toxic Slime and Frozen Frost-

My deal is still going on for my store, buy 1 eyeshadow and get a 5 gram jar for free with 2 sample bags! -

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