Friday, November 1, 2013

Mazzie Cosmetics and Sweet Sweet Lust Photoshoot

Last Saturday I did makeup for a photoshoot in Attleboro, Massachusetts with photographer Nicolophobia Photography and hairstylist Katherine Violette.  Our models were Mulan D, Jessica Camella, Sierra Colleen, and Chelsea Deville.  These photos are a sneak peek from last week and what's to come.

Models: (from left to right) Chelsea Deville, Jessica Camella, Mulan D, and Sierra Colleen

Sweet Sweet Lust -
Mazzie Cosmetics -
Katherine Violette -
Nicolophobia Photography -
Chelsea Deville -
Jessica Camella -
Mulan D -
Sierra Colleen - 

Photographer: Nicolophobia Photography
Makeup: Rachel Mazzie/Mazzie Cosmetics
Hair Stylist: Katherine Violette
Wardrobe Stylists: Rachel Mazzie and Mulan D/Sweet Sweet Lust

Clothing: Lip Service, Artifice Clothing, Jeffrey Campbell, Sourpuss Clothing, Deadly Girlz, Sweet Sweet Lust, NBB Wear, Louise Black, and Make Me Chic.

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