Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Final eyeshadow photos!

I am so glad to have this project done.  I finally got all 38 eyeshadows photographed the way I've always wanted them.  This was also a challenge since I am not a photographer, but I'm happy with final results.  They were lit with natural day light bulbs and they've seem to have done the trick.  I've found it very hard to photograph these over the passed couple of years of selling on etsy.  It's hard to try to match the color of an eyeshadow in real life to the color it is on a computer monitor.  I know not everyone's computers have the same color settings and lighting anything such as cosmetics can be very tricky because it can look different in day light, in doors, or with different kinds of lighting.  This is the best I could do and I'm pretty happy with the results.  Now on to the swatches and eye makeup photos, a whole other project on it's own.  For now here are a few of the shadows I photographed, hopefully they will be an accurate match to what you'd see in real life.



Cotton Candy Riot

Banana Boosh


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