Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work in progress

I've been working on many Mazzie products lately.  I'm trying to get all the blush done as soon as possible and trying to get the pressed shadows just right so I can put them up for sale.  The blush colors are done, now it's just grinding and getting the right packaging before they are up on the etsy store.  Lipsticks are also in the works as well, a lot of work is a head but it'll be worth it.  Here are some shots of the work so far.

New boxes for the loose shadows and lipsticks, still working on the stickers.
Completed blush colors so far.
Practicing some more pressed shadow pans, it's getting there.
Swatches of the pressed shadow colors, these don't have any primer underneath them.

*More coming soon, until then you can shop for the loose shadows @ 

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