Thursday, July 14, 2011

NYX Cosmetics

I recently purchased some NYX lip products from ULTA. I picked up the lipstick in strawberry milk and their soft matte lip cream (smlc03). The lipstick I got is a very light pink and goes on really smooth making your lips feel soft. I really like this lipstick because doesn't feel like most lipsticks do when you wear them for a while and they begin to dry your lips out. These lipsticks go for $4.00 each and are seriously not bad at all for the price. I've seen other bloggers compare them to MAC lipsticks and ends up not being much different. The soft matte lip cream I had mixed feelings about. This goes on feeling like a cake frosting but not as thick. It also smells like cake frosting to me which I won't complain about. After wearing this for a while though I did notice that it does dry your lips out. At first it feels soft and feels like you're wearing nothing, but after a half hour or so it's really drying. I would suggest a clear gloss to go over it to help it stay and last longer. The soft matte lip cream goes for $6.00 each, not bad but I would stick with their lipsticks instead. I do really like NYX Cosmetics over all. Some of their eyeshadows aren't as pigmented and would not purchase, but as far as most of their lip products and eye products go they're not bad at all for the price. Here are some pictures and swatches of these two products!

Swatches- Soft Matte Lip Cream and the Strawberry Milk Lipstick

Strawberry Milk Lipstick

Soft Matte Lip Cream

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