Monday, March 7, 2011

Coastal Scents - Creative Me #1

So I received an early birthday gift from my boyfriend last week. He got me the creative me #1 eyeshadow palette from Coastal Scents. I know a lot of people aren't big fans of Coastal Scents, yes the products aren't as pigmented and they're a little on the cheap side but this palette is different. I thought I would review it since I got it as a gift. Coastal Scents is basically "you get what you pay" for in my opinion. Some of their products aren't that bad, I don't mind their brushes and a few of their lip liners. Somethings are just hit or miss. Any way, I received this palette last week and was very surprised at how heavy duty the actual palette was. It's quality is just as good as a Yaby palette and it's black too so that's right up my alley. The colors in the palette are very bright and they are very pigmented. I swatched all the colors for you guys so you could see how pigmented they really are. This palette costs $21.95, it's a pretty good deal. I really think this palette is worth the money. It has an awesome color pay off, which I found very surprising coming from Coastal Scents and the price. It might not be good for makeup artist use in photography, but for every day wear I will say it's totally worth it. The eyeshadows don't have names, but numbers so I didn't brother to write what's what, but you can see from the pictures they're pretty descent.

I also took a daylight picture so you could see the shadow swatches better! There is one downside I did find with using this is when you're picking up the product the eye shadows tends to get very crumbly, so it can get messy in the palette.

*Also thanks to everyone who is following my blog, it's very much appreciated!

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